Shanghai trip

The trio had a fantastic time in Shanghai doing a special concert at a super high-end audio show at the biggest convention centre we've ever seen.

We were wined and dined in true style by our promoters Evie and Connie. They are amazing women doing good business in a male dominated industry. Big thanks to Lucie and Crystal and their team and all the hard work they did.

Whirlwind tour

Thanks to Geoff Norris for the great photos of our Brisbane concert. 

The tour took us to Yamba and Armidale thence to Brisbane.

A lot of kilometres and a lot of goodwill all around!

The ukulele delegates were so hard working and fun to work with, the acoustics in the Yamba Chapel were truly amazing and the Hospitality at the Hoskins Theatre and the 'Highly Strung' ukulele group made it all worthwhile.