Charade Review

Bruce Crowther (UK) writes:
A recent release by Australian singer Janet Seidel prompted me to look back at my previous website. There, I found reviews of seven of Janet’s earlier albums, all of them on the La Brava Music label (which is jointly owned by Janet and her brother, David). One of Janet’s albums that I had missed is Charade (LaBrava LB0077), on which the singer presents a selection of songs by Henry Mancini. Accompanied by Joe Chindamo on piano, David Seidel on bass, Chuck Morgan, guitar, and drummer/percussionist Fabian Hevia, Janet takes a delightful tour through some of the composer’s best known works, while also finding time and space for a few songs that while perhaps lesser known are by no means unworthy of the care and attention given to them here.js - charade Among the songs heard are some from movies, a field in which Mancini was a master: Charade (from the film of the same title), Whistling Away The Dark (from Darling Lili), as well as songs from The PartyTwo For The Road, and Days Of Wine And Roses. The similarly titled song from the last-named movie deservedly won an Oscar for the composer. There are also songs from some of the TV shows for which Mancini wrote memorably, notably the classic Peter Gunn series. To all of the songs, Janet brings warmth and subtle understanding of the lyrics, while her accompanists are impeccable.