Chuck Morgan

Chuck Morgan is currently one of Australia's most in demand guitarists, working mostly with leading jazz musicians and acknowledged widely as a highly talented and versatile musician. He was for many years, guitarist with the Television New Zealand Orchestra and the Auckland Radio Orchestra before relocating from New Zealand to Sydney in 1986.

Chuck was born June 28, 1952 in Auckland, New Zealand of Maori/European heritage. His father, Howard, taught him to play ukulele at 5 years old and later, guitar. At 9 years old, his informal music education continued with his uncle, John Bradfield, a masterful guitarist who familiarized the young guitarist with many European, South American, popular and jazz melodies.

Chuck also completed an apprenticeship as an electronics technician, but has always been an active professional player even in times when he worked a 'day gig'.

In 1980 he studied briefly with US jazz musicians/educators such as David Baker, Steve Erquiaga and Dave Liebman who visited New Zealand with a 'Jamie Abersold Music Clinic' and was consequently offered a scholarship to study in the USA.

Chuck has played with and recorded with many international artists in New Zealand and in Australia. The long list includes, William Galison, Bobby Shew, Lanny Morgan (L.A. Alto Saxophonist), Margie Baker (L.A blues singer), Eiji Kitamura, Mavis Rivers, Matt Cattingub (Alto/ piano/ arranger /composer - Jack Jones's MD), Tom Baker, Don Rader, Gordon Brisker, The Four Aces, Bob Barnard, Don Burrows, Russ Garcia, Rod McKuen and more.

Presently he works as a teacher and freelance guitarist in Sydney and enjoys studying classical guitar.

He is currently a regular member of the touring and recording bands of Australian vocalist /pianist Janet Seidel and also Dan Barnett (Australian trombonist /vocalist).

His versatile guitar style can be heard to good effect on Janet Seidel's CDs Art Of Lounge Volume 2, Love Letters, Don't Smoke In Bed and Doris & Me and Dan Barnett's CD The Right Track all released on the La Brava Music label.

Chuck had a trio at one of Sydney's five star hotels, playing swing Sunday afternoon jazz.

Paul Williams was playing tenor sax, and Dieter Vogt was on string bass.

When a patron asked Chuck the name of the band he replied, 'Dieter, Paul and Maori'...