Co-promotions with Community groups

Over the last 5 years the Janet Seidel Trio has been happy to be involved in many co-promoted concerts with charity and community groups. This allows a local group to gain a large audience and participate in fund raising in collaboration with the Trio based on a percentage split of profits.

Both artists and charity/community group actively promote the concert using high quality posters, Face Book and Twitter promotion and as much pro bono help as possible from taking tickets at the door to providing supper.

Below are testimonials from 3 separate community groups from our recent UK tour and also a SA group from Port Elliot.

Interested groups can contact Chuck Morgan (our events manager) to find out how these concerts can work.


Port Elliot community group concert point of contact Ruth Miller writes:

"The Port Elliot Town and Foreshore Improvement Association had a great experience partnering with The Janet Seidel Trio to provide a terrific  evening of jazz in our little town of Port Elliot.

One of our key projects, helping create the Port Elliot dog park, was the beneficiary of this event.

This was an easy partnership because Janet's team provided a wide range of media strategies to promote the event gaining great publicity in our local newspaper, an interview on local radio and providing some colourful posters we were able to display in key locations around town.

Their online booking method meant we had a really good idea of how many were coming so we were able to cater really well for the audience without over or under-doing it.

This was a high calibre show thoroughly enjoyed by the full house audience in our town church hall.

If you get the chance to work with Janet and her team on one of these events, I would highly recommend you take it up because it is an easy way to provide a really classy evening of music with a terrific supper. It gives the local community a great value yet really special evening of entertainment".


Anne Henderson writes from Bredfield Jubilee Meadow & Orchard Fundraising Committee: 

On behalf of the Committee we'd like to thank you for the fantastic concert you did for us this year.

We were so thrilled that you agreed to do this to help us with our fundraising. It's always difficult to think of new ways to raise funds for local causes and having an international jazz trio performing

in a small village like Bredfield certainly is something different.

Thank you for your lovely posters which helped us with our publicity drive and we were surprised by just how many people came from

the surrounding area (and further afield), but of course the music of the Janet Seidel Trio is well known all over the world.

The evening was a huge success, everyone had a great time and we made a decent amount of money to help us buy a shelter for the Jubilee Meadow and Orchard.


Jim Spencer from the FOPS charity in Chorleywood writes:

One night, shortly after arriving in the UK, Chorleywood, Hertfordshire  the Janet Seidel Trio, Janet, Chuck and Dave visited the local Pub to sample the ales. The Pub being the Rose and Crown and is small, quaint and very hospitable. Being musicians, their talk turned to chords and the like.

As it is impossible to talk without sharing it with your seated neighbours because the Pub is so intimate it attracted the attention of two such inhabitants.

One being Bob Arthy, Chairman of a recently formed group to make men' 'Prostate' aware. His drinking partner, being Pete Lennon, a well known local guitarist The evening passed  very pleasantly, with music being the topic

This fortuitous meeting resulted in The Janet Seidel Trio agreeing to play a charity concert for the newly formed ''Friends of Prostate Sufferers"(The FOPS) at our local Village Hall.

A friendship now and truly bonded. The Seidel's playing a further two concerts [over 2years] for FOPS plus a memorable night at The Rose & Crown.  The Concerts provided a many layered goal.

Publicity for The FOPS, i.e. publicising to the men attending (and to their wives and partners), the perils of Prostate, and how to cope.

Plus a much need revenue, the financial share being amicably agreed upon with the Seidel's.

All this, while bringing to the community, young and mature, the beautiful sounds of The Janet Seidel Trio.

Indeed on their last Concert for The FOPS, people travelled from three counties to hear them at the local Church, which was packed to capacity. Their fan base grows with each performance.

The Seidels, toured the UK as far as Scotland and Northern Ireland playing in many prestigious clubs (you can't get better than {Ronnie Scotts!} They were also interviewed for the BBC.

It's been a privilege and pleasure meeting and listening to The Janet Seidel Trio, and look forward to when they return to the UK.   Friends Forever.

Jim Spence Vice Chairman. The FOPS.

12 Dec 2014 Chorleywood, UK.