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'Someone should send Janet Seidel flowers for her delicate and engaging tribute to a truly eccentric music talent, the ageless Blossom Dearie. She takes a representative sample from her catalogue and sings with a touch of the breathy finesse that characterises a Dearie song. Seidel is a very fine singer in a very cool way with a light touch on the keys.'

- Review from the Adelaide Advertiser 2004

The very quirky Blossom Dearie is adored by many music fans for her exquisite piano work, dry wit and her timelessly cute, one-of-a-kind, voice. She was also much admired by many jazz icons including famously Miles Davis, and developed a repertoire of delicate and funny original tunes both of her own and others such as Dave Frishberg. Though not as famous to the general public as the other artists selected she has possibly the most individual of styles, and was actually Janet Seidel’s original inspiration when she attended her concert in Adelaide, in the early seventies.

Janet’s CD, “Dear Blossom” was released in 2004 and featured her selection from Blossom Dearie’s extensive discography. Also on the just released CD “We Get Requests” there is Janet’s live version of “My Attorney Bernie” one of the classic numbers associated with Blossom. So it is a natural choice that one of Janet’s shows should be devoted to Blossom.

As with Doris Day and Peggy Lee, and even Frank Sinatra, jazz critics may debate as to whether Blossom is actually a jazz singer or not. After all like them she is generally not renowned for improvised scat solos or extended piano solos as a main feature of her style, yet she always performed with great jazz musicians and is a fact that her style is based on a distinct and most sophisticated jazz sensibility. That will no doubt remain to be a continuing source of debate among those who care about such issues.

In the same way Janet Seidel has won accolades and awards as a jazz artist even though she also crosses the border with cabaret and popular music with ease. The press clippings bear this out. Rare amongst Australian jazz artists, she has had quite a degree of international success (especially in Japan where she has been Number 1 on the Jazz Charts several times), so this Woodfire season is a good chance to see such a world class act in the most intimate of settings. Outside of Sydney she is more likely to be found playing

“Her unadorned crystal clear voice and infectious humour and patter it is a winning combination.….. Its hard not to compare her to Doris Day, Peggy Lee or even the more eccentric Blossom Dearie, all of whom she has performed tributes to in her career, and it's definitely fair to say that her understanding of the classics is equal to that of those legendary greats. (City News, Canberra)

"Janet Seidel is right up there with the best jazz singers in this country. With an impressive and highly acclaimed discography, tight and professional shows and a warmth and wit that can't be learnt, this is one swingin' lady.” Herald On Sunday

“With her clear, cool voice, Janet Seidel successfully combines the fluencies of such singers as Chris Connor, Blossom Dearie, Peggy Lee, and Doris Day into a style that focuses on delivering the story of the lyrics rather than making her vocal faculties the message.” Dave Nathan, All Music Guide (USA)