Mosman Bowling Club concert

Mosman bowling club
JANET Seidel quartet 7/5/2017
It's a rare occasion when Sydney residents can attend a Janet Seidel performance in intimate surroundings, as she is more often scheduled at larger concert venues around Australia, or in fact around the world with recent trips to the UK, China, and Japan, where she is a highly respected artist.
Following up on a big Gershwin themed Cremorne Orpheum show in April, Janet is looking forward to the more informal Sunday afternoon jazz session at the historic Mosman Bowling Club on the first Sunday in May.
Along with her usual Trio with Chuck Morgan and David Seidel (guitar/uke & Double bass) will be the stylish young drummer Joshua Morgan.
Yes, it's a family affair of sorts as Janet is David's sister and Joshua is Chuck's son. Musically it works very well and the group is sure to come up with some vintage repertoire, a fresh but classic sound to match the superb venue.
Mosman Bowling club
15 Belmont Rd Msman

$20 at door

Special Guest: 

Joshua Morgan drums

Sunday, 7 May 2017