Conversation Hour

It was amazing to chat with Magda Subanski and Laura-Michelle Kelly for John Faines' 'Conversation hour' in Melbourne Recently.


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Photo by Bob Zanker taken in concert at Queenscliff Victoria


Weekend Notes

Ukelele Workshops Achieve Results

After a ukelele workshop in Cootamundra: Cathy Ashcroft writes:

Cootamundra recently had the pleasure of having Janet Seidel and the boys perform at our Arts Centre… a wonderful night was had by all who attended.

During the day preceding the show Chuck Morgan lead a Ukulele workshop with some of our local, budding, music enthusiast. It was a huge success, so I thought I would share some of the comments made by the students.

Singers Master Class

After a singers master-class in Brisbane:

"The Janet Seidel Trio Workshop (ukelele/guitar, bass, piano/vocal) held in Brisbane on Saturday 27th October 2012 was a huge success.  I've been running and facilitating local workshops for visiting touring artists for many years and this workshop was by far one of the most engaging, supportive and productive of them all. Janet Seidel, Dave Seidel and Chuck Morgan's individual and collective experience made this 3 hour workshop fly by, leaving singers of all levels feeling satisfied either through reaffirming their own knowledge or learning important skills on how to progress musically in the competitive world of jazz. Singers left the workshop with strategies on how to communicate to musicians, start and finish songs, how to lead an arrangement with their voices, phrasing, rhythm and some valuable tips on recording and the business." Ingrid James, Jazz Singer/Voice Educator, Brisbane, Australia


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