3 Months Of Concerts

The trio is back home. We've had a very busy 3 months of concerts throughout England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and 2 memorable concerts in Sweden. 

Photo of Chuck and Piers Clark taken at the wonderful 'Smalls' Jazz Club in Brighton


Uk Tour Update

We're finally back home in Hounslow for 2 days rest and recreation!
We have had a very tiring road trip criss-crossing the UK and playing new venues and making new fans plus revisiting Lyth Arts and Concorde Club.

Heron Theatre Lake District

This lovely Lake District Theatre is currently on holidays but their brochure has just been published online.

We're delighted to be asked to present our 'Far Away Places' show for the night of October 4th 2014.


Far Away PlacesAdmission - £12    under 18s - £5
Members   - £10

We've Arrived In The Uk!

Photo taken a few years back in the dressing room Nottingham (Sherwood Forest)

Chuck and Janet arrived after a Sydney-Dubai-London flight. (we flew 36,000 feet over Iran) but 40,000 feel over Romania!

We've spent a lovely warm 25 degree day in sunny London and had a fantastic sleep.

We woke feeling normal and refreshed and we're into day 6 of a 'heat-wave'.


Songs In The Key Of Peggy Lee

Janet Seidel & Songs in the Key of Peggy Lee – MRC Salon


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