Testimonials from fans

Review from Per-Olov Berndalen after the JSTrio concert in Arvika Oct 2014:

Very positive feedback from the audience Wednesday night!

The repertoire you presented was in one way well-known and at the same time rarely played in Arvika.

C'est si Bon hasn't been heard here in a concert maybe since the sixties = ).Great fun!.

I didn't really have time to give you all credit for your performance: your voice with the sonor lower register and your ability to add life experience to the lyrics are worth all my (and Gudrun's ) admiration.Also- David's fantastic way of being the solid backbone with all the right notes (without all the "extras" modern bass players often add) and Chuck's versatile guitar make the rhythm section to one of the best I can imagine.

Thanks for letting me play a tune with you, guys. I very rarely have the opportunity to play jazz nowadays.... Let's keep in touch,mates!

From Ron Alton (Belvedere Jazz Club)

Dear Janet, David & Chuck, I can only thank you for such a wonderful evenings entertainment, it was such apleasure to meet you all again and I boast about my Australian friends.

I could have sat there listening to you singing the rest of Peg's recordings followed by Doris Day's songs, incidently she has turned ninety so there is hope for me yet. So many punters told me how much they had enjoyed the evening and when you see so many happy faces you know it went down well.  

I wish you a safe and pleasant trip home. All being well I shall be gracing that front row seat in 2016. Many thanks once again, love and best wishes to you all, Ron (Alton) xxxx.  


Fan letters from Tottori Fuzoku JHS students Japan

Dear Janet,

Thanks for singing with us and giving us wonderful time. Your voice was really beautiful.

I had never listened to jazz music and I thought that jazz is too different from the music I usually listen so I wasn't interested in jazz at first, but after your lesson jazz became close and fun music for me.

I know you're popular and famous jazz singer so it may be hard to come to our school and sing with us together again, but we're looking forward to meeting you again and we are always your big fans!!

We're really grateful to you for teaching us the pleasure of music.

Please come back to Japan when you can.

Take care of yourself!!

From Yui


Dear Janet,

Hello. We name are Hana and Yuna.

How are you? We are fine!

We want to listen to your sing again. Your voice is very beautiful and wonderful. It made us very happy. We love your sing.

We will become high school students next year. When we are sad, we want to listen to your sing. We want to your CD!!! Please!!!

We love you.

We hope to meet you.

See you next time.

From Hana and Yuna


Dear Janet,

Your songs are very good. Your songs are the best in the world. We want to listen to your songs more.

Thank you for coming to our school for us. We had a good time!!

Today is Christmas Eve. Japan is cold but Australia is hot. We have not ever go to Australia, so we want go to Australia.

From Neiro and Mako


Hello Janet,

We haven't seen you for a long time. When we listened to your singing song, we felt surprised.

Your song makes us happy. We want to see you again.

We think you are the goddess of songs. You look like Ema Watson. You are beautiful, strong, kind, frank and easy going.

We believe your songs make world people happy. Your song and you will move the world. Songs can dissolve a person's heart.

We can believe it.

Good luck! We hang on to you.

From Kodani and Kano


  • Hi, Ms. Janet!
    It's me taka,
    Thanks again.
    We're listening your CD.
    We really like it!
    it must be our heavy rotation music.

    I'll go your concert next time definitely!
    So, please let me know when you come 
    here again.

    Enjoy tonignt!!



3 hours ago



  • Good evening,Janet san!
    I am Atsushi Sasaki.
    I enjoyed your songs at TUC,Kanda tonight!
    It was my dream to meet you,and it came true!
    I hope you'll come back to Japan again.
    Have a good night!
  • Janet, 
    You are an AMAZING singer! I found you by accident. I am producing my wife's CD, and was looking for versions of "I got the sun in the morning" and so came across your version. As soon as I heard it, I said "What an incredible voice"!
    I am sharing your music with as many friends as possible. Thanks for the wonderful music!
    Best wishes


Lance Dover I'm enjoying "De Lovely" as I write. It's almost as good as it was at the live concert at Avoca theatre recently. Beautifully clear vocals and masterly piano from Janet, double bass and guitar from David and Chuck. It's like sunshine on this rather grey and rainy day. Thank you Janet and co. Wonderful.
I just received your CD "Man of Manakoora" in the post and I have to say I absolutely love it - so cool! Such a sweet cool jazzy laid back sophisticated nightclub-of-my-dreams sound. You've won a fan and I'll be telling EVERYONE! Thanks so much! Ever thought about playing the Darwin Festival? You would be perfect in the Speigeltent late show or at the Lighthouse!
  • John Benn
    Just listen to this wonderful clip & comment about this brilliant Australian singer with the superb backing of Guitar & Drums.
    Amazing & very enjoyable
Dave Brewster (Davidabrewster@gmail.com) sent a message using the contact
form at http://www.janetseidel.com/contact.

Dear Ms.Seidel,
Just a brief note of admiration, respect and downright awe of your amazing
talents. It is not every day that a musician comes along that can capture
such a wide audience through sheer talent and grace.
Maybe an odd question, but what are your thoughts on the work done by the
late, great Karen Carpenter?
Waiting for a US visit,

Jon Barr (jonnyretro67@gmail.com) sent a message using the contact form at


Hi, I was listening to a podcast"The Happy Hour Lounge", and I just wanted to

tell you that I was not really paying attention to the show - I like it, but

I was cruising the Web. All of the sudden I stopped what I was doing and

waited til the song, hoping they would tell me who that heavenly voice was.

The song was "Deep Purple Dream" I found your web site and expected to find

someone who was a very veteran jazz singer. I was so gratified to see such a

young performer singing the next wave of jazz: You remind me of the

smoothness Julie London and Peggy Lee, the gentle vibrato of Billie, and the

voicing of Ella and a bit of Karen Carpenter.

Your song just captured me - I have rewound it 6 times (I guess you don't do

that on an ipod, but you know what I mean).

You are such a joy to listen to - I am looking up your music. WOW Thank you

for singing - you are a special treasure. I look forward to hearing more from


Thank you for your time, have a great day!

Jon Barr in Aberdeen,Washington USA
What a wonderful day and evening we’ve had in Cootamundra. Janet with her voice like silk, and the “Boys” who are consummate musicians. 
Our budding young musicians were all, awe- inspired at the Uke workshop with Chuck. Thank you for sharing your wonderful talent.
Our local vocalist didn’t miss out with one- on- one lessons with Janet. WOW WOW WOW.
Jimmy Collington Someone asked me when I was driving the bus the other day if I was playing Doris Day on my iPod. I educated her and now she knows who Janet Seidel is. Must check your store against my library. Can never have enough Janet
Trevor Fox DnH - go and see her if you get the chance.
Ivan Halloran I would certainly travel many moons out of my way to hear the Janet Seidel Trio.
Yasuo Takayama Please come to japan ! This uke sound is very nice!
Greg Margison Wonderful performance by Janet, Chuck and David at the Lazy River Estate for the Dubbo Jazz Festival
Thanks janet for bringing your unique musical team to Dubbo!
Pauline writes:
Hi Janet, when are you coming back to Cairns? Been a while since we saw you in the Doris Day tribute...
William Wilson, MBE, Proprietor, Lyth Arts Centre, Scotland
“Dear Janet, I can't tell you how much I enjoyed your appearance at Ronnie Scott’s. From the very first moment, it took off and all three of you were in great form. I loved the repertoire you had chosen - all the best Blossom tunes - I think that now you've managed to draw a full house at Ronnie's, other doors will open. It must have felt great to have walked out on that stage and thought "Yep! Here I am at last". I felt so proud of you and remembered thinking all those years ago when you first came to Lyth - this singer is as good as it gets - this is what world-class means.”
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Marilyn Elliott It may have been a much more "intimate" setting, but we felt exactly the same when the Janet Siedel Trio came to Moffat Jazz Club ... it was absolutely fantastic!
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Shirley Leane "Janet Seidel is a living national Australian treasure and the opportunity to see her should not be missed." Yes! I agree.